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Why Choose Us

Our Experience

IT Works love solving challenges. If you have a specific problem, our engineers and pre-sales consultants can provide a unique insight into the solutions available and the best way to introduce those solutions into your business in a way the customer understands.

Good working relationships make it much easier to deal with IT challenges. We focus on providing staff that are personable and friendly. They will happily take the time to explain how or why things happen, in a language that you can relate to.

Our Customer Service Values

We are passionate about giving our clients the best customer experience possible which has been sustained throughout the 17 years of IT Works being operational.

Our experience has been learned from decades of trusted and elite corporate customer service which is our most genuine differentiator. Our ethos is to see the challenges through our clients eyes, which allows us to project plan in an efficient manner. Providing empathy and reassurance every step of the way.

Value for Money

While we talk about different products for IT services, most businesses have requirements specific to their operations. We like to build our IT support & service agreements to fit around your specific needs. Therefore, you only pay for what you need, it’s budget-friendly and our pricing model helps your cash-flow and financial planning. We have a vast distribution channel and work with several technology partners to offer the right technology for your business within the necessary budget.

Our People

Complex problems get solved quicker with the correct team in place. We offer specialists across multiple technology solutions, from helpdesk technical support staff, project managers, security experts, disaster recovery consultants and networking specialists, to back-office technicians. Our skills cover all the technologies needed to support your business.

At IT Works we put a large emphasis on training and education ensuring that our staff are up to date with industry qualifications.